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Your write-up (, 4 December) highlights the massive possibility Brexit has offered us to produce a new agriculture plan that will restore the purely natural surroundings, as very well as assist the farming sector to turn out to be far more monetarily resilient and environmentally sustainable. The removal of “subsidies” subsequent the New Zealand product is not the route to achieving this. General public funding is vital to farmers’ livelihoods – without having it, around 50 percent of farming is uneconomic. These probable to endure the most are compact- to medium-sized farms presently having difficulties in very hard marketplaces. A fifth of English farms have disappeared in the past 10 yrs, and the charge is quickest among the smallest. Nearly a 3rd of farms below 50 hectares vanished among 2005 and 2015. Farm measurement variety is key to sustaining rural communities by work opportunities as properly as shielding distinct neighborhood character. It is also essential to sustaining England’s environment-renowned landscapes and range of foods. We are introduced with a as soon as in a life time opportunity to generate a farming coverage framework and new funding design that will help all farmers, rural communities and economies if we are to generate the various, flourishing countryside most of us want to see.
Graeme Willis
Senior Rural Plan Campaigner, Marketing campaign to Secure Rural England

• It is unfair of you to lower Michael Gove’s document as surroundings secretary to “presentational gimmicks” (, 5 December). Couple of environmentalists regarded Mr Gove as a purely natural soulmate when he was appointed, but his limited time in office has been, on the total, hugely outstanding. The United kingdom stands to get rid of vital environmental protections when we go away the EU. These need to be changed. We require to carry into Uk legislation the environmental ideas (polluter pays, the precautionary basic principle etcetera) that underpin plan and we need a robust, independent watchdog to replicate the effective part now played by the European Court docket of Justice and the European Commission in holding governments to account for their environmental apply. There is a extended way to go, but Michael Gove gets this, as he receives the want to handle the soaring tide of plastic pollution and the alarming erosion of soil top quality. What we now want is a a lot stronger environmentally friendly narrative from other components of federal government, not least on housing and transport, and an unequivocal commitment to match and then exceed existing EU environmental requirements.
Shaun Spiers
Executive director, Green Alliance 

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