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For those people of us who have attained our greater part and are reasonably healthier, the choice to not drink is a own one particular and one particular we choose entirely knowledgeable of the benefits and pitfalls. Zoe Williams (, 2 December), presumably, is not staying compelled to prevent consuming and, her tone indicates, doesn’t intend to, so why did she bother engaging the assist of a sobriety coach when her intention was only to chortle at persons who really don’t drink? I was berated – carefully, but berated even so – by a hefty-consuming buddy of lengthy standing for the reason that I no more time drink: when was I likely to start ingesting once again? consume would make for appealing discussions no one particular who does not consume can be enjoyable. He was utterly bewildered at my decision by no means to drink once more – a single I made around a calendar year ago and have in no way regretted. I go to pubs, dining establishments and events where by persons consume and I really do not. I have conversations, discussions, dances and flirtations with folks who drink or do not. There is nowhere in the world exactly where it is not “humanly possible” to avoid ingesting. There are lots of, a lot of areas, on the other hand, the place not staying a drunken arse is preferable. Zoe’s piece could have been humorous, useful and supportive. Alternatively, it seemed built to belittle those people who decide on sobriety.
Annie Dehaney-Steven

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