Guardian Weekly Letters, 8 December 2017


What next for Zimbabwe?

Thank you for all the remarkable article content on Zimbabwe, specially those people by David Smith and (24 November). Despite the fact that the latest political functions had been sparked by infighting inside the regime, the appalling domestic, economic and social circumstance in the place was also a catalyst for modify.

Zimbabwe has a literacy price of 91%, but this is no reward if the nation is a single of the poorest and people today can hardly subsist.

The new chief of Zimbabwe has said he would like to resolve the financial system and termed for the lifting of sanctions. The global group could exert stress by providing to do this in levels, when the routine takes measures toward authentic democracy.

I’m not shocked that the new leadership in Zimbabwe want to let Mugabe keep his sick-gotten gains and give him immunity, as prosecuting him would also get rid of mild on his cronies’ corruption and atrocities. But I hope that the removing of Mugabe is the initial move to genuine flexibility. It would be a great pity if the Zanu-PF occasion elite were to have on with organization as common. Ideally the individuals can find ways to force forward the struggle for their legal rights without the need of far more brutal repression.

It is unbelievably heartening to see these fantastic developments. It’s possible other corrupt regimes in Africa are frightened of identical functions and will give in to the people’s needs for fundamental adjust.
Steven Katsineris
Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

Stop blaming the Russians

Tom McCarthy and Natalie Nougayrède have to have to get real about the impact of Russian interference using pretend social media accounts.

Do they actually assume that the tiny amount put in by the Russians in spreading misinformation experienced far more impact than the 50 %-truths promulgated in the direct-up to the US election by multimillion-dollar donors, or nightly by Fox Information? The truth is that there was already fertile soil for that misinformation to thrive in.

Blaming America’s divisions on Russia’s interference conveniently shifts blame away from the nastiness that has presently taken root in The us.
Ron Thomson
Nelson, New Zealand

Political blood relations

Contrary to Julian Borger, George Orwell would not have been amazed by the anti-democratic alliance of radical libertarians and standard despots . They are commonly blood family members, with the previous normally adopting the “libertarian” label, or identical euphemisms, as a disguise in destinations where by “autocracy” is in disrepute.

In this article in Australia, the conservative governing administration that jails refugees offshore but reveals potent sympathy for the fossil-fuel marketplace and the ideal to denigrate minorities is known as the “Liberal party”. For these baffled by the semantic fog pumped out by the tricky correct, they can be detected by a strong smell of xenophobia.
John Hayward
Weegena, Tasmania, Australia

We have also a lot of toys

So Damian Carrington tells us that numerous megatrends will aid to convert the tide from catastrophic international warming . I have my uncertainties, considering that no a person has nonetheless proposed to “take our toys away”.

We may have more renewables, additional electric cars and trucks and a lot more efficiency, but how can we very seriously think that this will solve the challenge? Without a doubt, you only have to ponder megatrend selection 4 – electrical autos – to realise that this is hogwash. We can’t even cover recent electrical energy wants with renewables, so where by will the energy appear from to electrical power all people automobiles?

Just take a search at our skies, where by planes jostle for placement. And at our roads, exactly where oversized vehicles haul tens of millions of tons of “stuff” backwards and forwards unnecessarily so that we can take pleasure in low cost purchasing and businesses can turn a hefty financial gain. Of course, you only have to appear at the mountains of tat being piled up in our shops in planning for Xmas to know that this is the circumstance, but we basically never look to care.

I won’t feel that we are major about preventing local climate adjust until finally a person definitely does commence to “take our toys away”. And there is no indication of that happening.
Alan Mitcham
Cologne, Germany


• It is a pity that from the advised canon of great women film-makers (), only Agnès Varda is convincing. What about Kelly Reichardt, Naomi Kawase, Catherine Breillat, Jane Campion?
John Aspinall
Castelnau d’Auzan, France

• We really don’t will need a border among the two Irelands at all . Reunite the island: the Northern Irish can then stay in the EU as they wish to do and my forebears will rejoice. Excellent Britain can then go its individual way.
Derek Murphy
Poor Pyrmont, Germany

• Prince Harry is to wed an American divorcee? . The last time a member of the royal household did that, matters did not conclusion effectively.
Alan Williams-Essential
Madrid, Spain

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