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The Hyperloop lands in India. Britain's Richard Branson, head of Virgin Hyperloop One, has announced to Bloomberg its intention to export the high-speed transport capsule project to Indian territory to build a high-speed transportation system that will connect the city of Pune at the new Mumbai airport, which remains to be built, in 25 minutes, three hours of the month today to make the journey.

Credit: Virgin Hyperloop One

With this in mind, Richard Branson signed a preliminary agreement in Mumbai, which will lead to a test run within two to three years after the signing of the final agreement and the commissioning of the Indian line in five to seven years. Over 30 years of operation, the Pune-Mumbai project could generate $ 55 billion in socio-economic benefits, according to a first study by Virgin Hyperloop One. The Californian company, which raised $ 50 million last December, also aims to connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

Estimated at $ 8 billion by the US press, the Hyperloop tube could reach a speed nearby the 1,200 km / h. For this, Virgin Hyperloop One has relied on magnetic levitation technology. However, the only interior layout of the capsule is valued at $ 255,000. In the United States, this project would connect San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than 30 minutes.

Transparency can be dangerous, in the first sense of the word. According to information obtained by Bloomberg, employees of the American firm make the bitter experience in the impressive Apple Park, the headquarters of Apple opened in April 2017, and located in Cupertino, California. The fault in the bay windows that delimit some workspaces. Eyes on their phone screen, employees would take the windows in the face.

As one can imagine, Apple employees know how to be ingenious. They had the idea to stick post-it on the windows to avoid accidents. But according to their testimonies, they would have been asked to remove them for aesthetic reasons.

Apple might have had to remember a first bad experience involving windows at the time of the creation of the Apple Park: he A few years ago, a woman complained after she ran into a glass wall and injured herself at an Apple store in the United States. An agreement was finally reached between the two parties

We hear everything and its opposite on cryptocurrencies. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, chose his side: extreme caution. The latter published a tweet Saturday to share his point of view. He explains that cryptocurrencies are still new and highly volatile assets and that their value can drop to zero at any time. “ Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose ,” he continued. Ending his text by a wise advice: “ If you are looking for where to put your savings, traditional investments are always a more prudent bet “.

The company founded by Bruno Lévêque is entering a new phase of its development and aims to become one of the world's top 3 online store creation solutions by 2020.

This challenge was entrusted to Alexandre Eruimy, who for the past two years had been head of business development and who knows the forces and dynamics of Prestashop. While accelerating business, innovation is at the heart of this new stage, a new blockchain-based PrestaTrust solution illustrates this strategy.

PrestaShop is one of the nuggets of the FrenchTech with an ecommerce solution that equips more than 270,000 online stores and brings together an open source community of more than one million members worldwide. Companies such as K-Way, Ma P'tite Panties, Eric Bompard, Pylones, SFR or BricoPrivé use PrestaShop for their e-commerce store. Today, the company has around 100 employees in 6 offices across Europe and the United States.

This is the story of 22-year-old medical student Amol Utrankar, who works in a Tennessee University Medical Center. In order to obtain the medical file of a new patient from his former hospital, Amol must make an administrative request, via a dedicated form, to return by fax. This is where Amol's moment of solitude comes in: he does not know how to use a fax.

And he is not the only one, as the American site CNBC reports. Thousands of future doctors across the United States are facing technologies from another century – in the strict sense of the word. Because in the health industry, pagers and fax machines are still very much used, while they have disappeared everywhere.

Millenial friends, this is a fax. Credit: FabrikaSimf Shutterstock

According to CNBC this good health is primarily due to the strength of the habit, that of doctors and health professionals who feel comfortable with the tool. The fax is also perceived as safe and secure, or at least considered as such under the regulations that govern the sharing of medical data. Finally, even if the digitization of medical data is started, the lack of possible interoperability between the tools used by different hospitals can also be a barrier to the adoption of digital systems. According to some professionals, the fax could have many years to live before him.

But in addition to the frustration of using obsolete tools, young students know that a better adapted technology could allow them to save precious time for the future. condition of their patients. This is undoubtedly what tech giants, like Apple or Amazon, who are no longer hiding their intentions in the health sector think.


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